Recycling of construction waste is an important part of the development of circular economy

Source: Release time:2017-01-14 14:10:39

Introduction: Recycling of construction waste is an important part of the development of circular economy

At present, China's construction waste is mostly landfill, stacking way to deal with, but the construction waste in the stacking process, in the temperature, moisture, air, some organic matter decomposition, resulting in harmful gases, this harmful gas emissions To the air will pollute the atmosphere, and garbage in the process of removal of bacteria and dust easily drift, the secondary pollution of the environment.
However, in recent years, the state has paid special attention to the development of circular economy, and put forward the new concept of recycling and recycling of construction waste, the construction waste as a renewable resource, the use of scientific means to be recycled to achieve re-use. The comprehensive utilization of urban construction waste is an important means to save land and save resources, and plays an important role in building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.
Construction waste recycling equipment is to break the construction waste siege powerful weapons, and the first domestic construction waste recycling equipment is from our company.And follow the changes in the times and constantly innovation, at present, Italy and has developed a construction technology with advanced technology waste disposal equipment - drum-type construction waste crushing screening station.
The equipment from the crushing station and screening station to complete the construction waste from the broken to the whole process of screening. The latest development of the drum sieve screening device is to the construction waste in the organic matter such as paper, plastic, wood chips and other light substances, through the vibration of boiling or wind blowing from the building waste aggregate separated, and then by pumping Go further particle separation, mainly on the broken construction waste after the separation of materials to achieve the cleanliness of building waste aggregate. To achieve automated production.
Construction waste recycling is an important part of the development of circular economy in the city, and is a work in the contemporary, benefit in the offspring of the good, the market prospects.

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