Station takes you to witness the perfect butterfly change in construction waste

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Introduction: The mobile crushing station takes you to witness the perfect butterfly change in construction waste

Butterfly is beautiful, but its predecessor is disgusting caterpillars, the same society today, "hot" recycled aggregate and recycled green brick and who would think of its predecessors is also people "talk about the discoloration" Of construction waste. Construction waste as with caterpillars has been so much disgusting people, but in the Italian mobile crushing plant under the transformation of the perfect butterfly into a natural alternative to raw materials for gravel.
As the saying goes, "the days of the drop in the people of the people, will be bitter its mind, labor its bones, hungry its body skin," butterfly insects for the disc has also suffered reborn pain and broken cocoon difficult. So the production of recycled aggregate is not easy, but also after the "shaving tendons" "cut bone" "temper" the pain.
"Shaving tendons" "cut bone" is to remove the steel in the construction waste, in order to be able to remove the concrete out of the concrete, the Italian mobile crushing station equipped with a professional iron removal equipment, can effectively separate the waste in the construction of waste , Scrap nails and so on. "Temper" is the use of mobile crushing station host equipment construction garbage crusher, the concrete block with its own hammer to beat it. The building crusher, which is equipped with a mobile crusher, is different from an ordinary crusher. It can not only break the concrete but also cut it together with the steel bar, so it can be used for any hard stone material. broken.
In addition to the construction waste crusher and professional iron removal equipment, there are also vibrating screens for sizing coarse aggregates and vibrating feeders for homogeneous feed, conveyor belts for conveying materials And so on, these devices with a mobile chassis in the car, the equivalent of a small garbage disposal plant. So complex structure of the mobile crushing station is the wisdom of wisdom and technology to achieve the perfect construction of garbage at the same time, to solve the troubled China's long-standing construction waste resource processing problems, to protect China's ecological environment has made tremendous contributions.

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